The their movies and it was percussive.

The swan lake is a classical ballet, composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875(www.thoughtco.

com). The ballet was originally played in Russian. The ballet Swan Lake seems to be a story of love mixed with magic and tragedy. The magical part of it is that a princess takes a form of a swan by an evil course.

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The story of the swan lake represents womanhood in its purest. The classical ballet was adapted over the years. The main dancers performed many Pirouette and also pas de deux. The sound of the music was sensitive light and fast movements with somewhat high elevations from the floor.

The performers were creatives in their movies and it was percussive. The impression one have is that the dancers are flying or that they can float in the air. The body gestures tell the story and make it very emotional. Swan Lake, “the stories and legends of swan-maidens date as far back as ancient Greece; when the Greek god Apollos was born, flying swans circled above their heads.

“( The Night Journey is a modern dance that tells the story of Oedipus Rex King, from the Greek mythology by the vision of Jocasta his queen. The main dancer in this modern dance is Martha Graham. The dance tells the story from the moment when Jocasta finds out that she is married to her own son by a seer. The movement of the dance has axial movements and the dancer’s travels from place to place.

During the performance one can notice many body gestures by the dancers. Plie can be easily notice also when the dancers touches the ground and also do pirouettes. The Night Journey is a beautiful modern dance in which gave Martha Graham the title of the first creator of modern dance with universal dance techniques (www.britannica.

com).? To compare and contrast modern dance and classical ballet are both beautiful performances. Dance is a way to express many forms of art. In a dance one can express joy, anger, love, sorrow and other emotions.

Classical ballet the man is the lead and male man can take the role of a prince saving a princess.(


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