The the Himalayas. Snow-capped in the heart

The Dodital Trek, situated in the northern state of
Uttarakhand, India, which trekkers adore , is regarded as one of the moderately
easy treks in the Garhwal Himalayan region that is located in Uttarakhand.

Situated amidst the Garhwal Himalayas is this trek, a simple-to-do
adventure possible for almost all. Adorned with foliage-covered trees and lush
green meadows, the track takes one towards which open up to take one to the bewitching
Dodital lake. Perched at an altitude of 1,350 meters, the trek passes through
dense woods, and has a track that elevates to an altitude of 4,150 meters to
Darwa Top, begins in Bhagirati valley. Dodital is often called Ganesh-ka-Tal. In
the Garhwal Himalayan region, it is believed to be the birthplace of the Hindu
god Lord Ganesha. This is the nomenclature explanation. The captivating natural
ambience surrounding the peaceful lake is ideal for setting up camp.

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The Dodital Lake is a mesmerizingly awesome viewpoint and a
wonderful place to pitch tents at as it is surrounded by coniferous trees and
there is also the fact that the Lake is a home to the Fresh Water Golden
Masheer, one of the most famous trout fish in the Himalayas. Snow-capped in the
heart of th winter season and almost Savannah-like with its tall grasses and the
gushing rivulets, dense alpine forests bursting with foliage and splendidly
plenty quantity of flora, the Dodital Trek is one of the most picturesque treks
in the Garhwal Himalayan region. And this then goes onto the Dwara Pass Top. This
is at 4150 m and the trekker can enjoy beautiful visuals of excellent natural
beauty. This includes views of the Dhauladhar and Greater Himalayan Ranges.


Just like the Kalindi Khal trek, this trek is also a
moderate-difficulty level one.

The Dodital Trek, which is also one of the winter treks in
the Indian Himalayan region starts at Sangamchatti and goes towards Agoda
village situated at an altitude of 2,250 meters. The trail tracks the route of
the river Asi Ganga and is followed by gentle ascents and descent and passes
through a quite village, Bhebra. From Agoda, a 16 km journey that passes
through the beautiful forest of Rhododendrons leads to Manjhi, which is perched
at a great height. It offers such an environment that forms a haven for
trekkers to camp overnight. The trek from Manjhi turns towards Dodital, which
is approximately 6 kilometers away and is located at a height of 3,307 meters.
The sprawling natural beauty, refreshing climate and tranquil water of the
freshwater lake make camping here an absolute bliss. Further, a walk of 5
kilometers to Darwa Top that passes through narrow gorges, birch forest, rocky
colonies, and involves a number of rivulets which take you to the stunning
Bandarpunch peak and Swargarohini range. Venturesome and enthusiastic trekkers
can go out to explore the Asi Ganga valley. There are several treks connecting
one from Asi Ganga to Bhagirathi Ganga valley and to the Yamuna valley and


In the period of winter, most of the trail has to be
completed over a thick bed of snow that expunges after crossing the village of

Full of abundant surprises anf a tasty fulfilment of your
escapist desires, the dodital trek is an one true getaway which is worth every
penny. Enjoy the chance to tread along wintry cool landscapes. At an altitude
of 3085 m along with the bonus of a freshwater lake, this trek is a win-win for
all. Legend has it that Lord Ganesha chose this place as his abode and there is
a temple dedicated to him here. Known as The Land of Gods, one comes across
dramatic terrain with beautiful lakes, peace-dweller rivers and mountains and
high-up-there Himalayan peaks in this high-altitude land. The Dodital trek and
Darwa Pass trek does not stand alone as there are several touristy things to do
which include a visit to Sangam Chatti, an idyllic village and rifling through
the history of the Gujar settlement. Trudge along meadows decorated with
snow, lined with pine trees and bask in the beauty of the awe-inspiring

Ascension to the Dodital has a route which passes through
deep, interconnected woods, as you are bewitched by the beauty of the greenery
around that falls delightfully upon the eye. As you continue trekking you will
come across the high mountain peaks and the distant valleys. The dense
forests, clearings and the wide grasslands offer an array of good sights to the
trekker. The beautiful Dodital Lake and eventually the Dwara Pass Top at 4150
Meters offers mesmerizing views of Dhauladhar and Greater Himalayan Ranges, as
mentioned above. Also, during the trek, you will come across some of the best
campsites surrounded by coniferous coverage. This trek is also very popular
among the trekker, nature-philiacs and the photography enthusiasts. This trek
is haven especially for the camers-wielding public. Invest your time in getting
acquainted with mother nature that you have around you and bask in the glory,
the beauty and the mesmerizing characteristics of all the wonderful things that
this trek has to offer. As mentioned above, this lake is also home to the fresh
Water Golden Masheer one of most famous trout fish in the Himalayas. The trek
is also famous among the birdwatchers as well.


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