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The Refectory- is located in the verycentre of the university’s campus. It is the university’s largest food outletwhich is open every day of the, providing breakfasts, lunch and dinner which isserved daily. It is a 550 seater restaurant that provides fourteen meals perweek are during semester time which is taken as five breakfasts and brunch atthe weekend and seven evening meals (www. plan operates on a points system that’s used to calculate how much foodeach student is permitted to have per meal. The refectory has a variety of mealsthat suits a wide range of needs. From sandwiches to drinks and snacks and muchmore, as well as a few basic grocery and stationary items. The Refectory Shop also provides a choice ofbottled soft drinks, hot snacks, hot beverages, selection of sandwiches, soupof the day; confectionery and Paninis available every day when the Refectory isopen.  A few essential grocery items, a small range of medicines andtoiletries, and basic stationery like note pads and pens are also available.

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Dolce Vita- This stylish café issituated between the student’s union building and the library. It’s a wonderfulplace to meet anytime during the day as there is a Starbucks within the caféthat provides a widevariety of snacks such as nachos and toasted sandwiches along with yourfavourite latte or Frappuccino. (www. Library Café- the Naylor Library caféis an off-site café located just 10 minutes down the road from the university.

It is a small café that offers similar services to the Dolce Vita, providingStarbucks drinks as well as a wide range of refreshments and snacks. The libraryalso offers exactly 270 study places to cater different study and workingenvironments proving facilities such as group study rooms and iMac suits aswell as 48 loanable laptops and charging lockers for students


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