The Strangers That Come to Town essay

Moieties it may urn out that they dislike you or actually learn to acknowledge that you are eve rye similar to them in a sense where you’re both humans and nobody is truly perfect. Firstly, this story is related to freedom due to the fact that the Devices had decided to move when they had some difficulties after a disastrous storm that damaged their f armholes after they had recently moved to the state. This lead to them having to move once again and nobody really knew them personally, just as people.This was a challenge because they never r really had the hence to get to know people because some just weren’t as friendly to them a ND refused to make the effort to introduce themselves.

The challenge itself was to find a place who ere they could possibly feel comfortable and not have too many worries, which they had bee n successful with. Secondly, the TV’0 families went on a fishing trip. Here they were getting alone g greatly until Andy and Tom had done a very ignorant prank. They put soap into the bucket of fish, ending up killing them.This created some conflict between the two families. They served heir punishment and when they went to go and deliver the new and lively fish.. When they air Veda, Mr.

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. Divided was so thankful that he invited them to a dinner at their house and later on hi s wife arrives with a teacup for the boys suffering while they were catching the fish for them. Thirdly, after the dinner, the rest of the population of the area, started to paper activate the Devices. A lot of people began talking and recognizing them. They became much more known and people thought wrong about them.Turns out they are actually really nice people who have some talents.

” Nathan Divided, who was seventeen, could throw and hit a baseball as far as anybody his age in town. ” (Flack, 16). “David, invited to play his accordion at a country dance e, turned out to be a magician with the instrument and ended up being one of the community’s m cost popular players. ” (Flack, 16). They began to become accepted after a while by their community which changed the overall environment for everyone. Overall, everyone goes through different situations, but that is what life is ABA out.

Some people are trundling financially, through hunger or even just emotionally. Everybody do sees have their own difficulties which they have to deal with on their own. The Devices lost their farmhouse which lead to less money, they didn’t have many friends which caused emotional problems and then they also struggled with just trying to be themselves and overcoming anything you have to deal w tit when you move somewhere new.

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