Essay this sentence is somehow ironic. Fox

Essay title: The Story of an Hour

From the very beginning, the story tells us that Mrs. Mallard is bothered by a heart trouble.

She needs someone else to take care of her, and it seems that she has nothing to do but rely on her family and friends. So, if we reverse the original meaning of heart, there will be somehow a completely different view of this story. We can refer to heart as kind of love. Since Mrs. Mallard has been looked after for a long time, everyday she receives people¡¦s help and sympathy. Gradually she has a love trouble; she does not want to be the passive side anymore, but be the one who contributes her efforts to someone she wants to take care of.

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For example, we can refer to that Mrs. Mallard wants more freedom and to ¡§free body and soul¡¨. Because of her husband¡¦s death, now she can really devote her love to anyone. In some ways, her husband¡¦s considerate caring blocked her liberal thoughts, although he did love Mrs. Mallard. Secondly, I am to analyze the last sentence in the story. The doctor said she was dead because of joy which was the sudden finding of her still alive husband. But actually, this sentence is somehow ironic.

Fox example, in her own personal time, she feels she is free and all the spring and summer days will be her own rich forever after she is released because of her husband¡¦s death. So, actually Mrs. Mallard is disappointed at the ¡§bad¡¨ news that Mr. Mallard is still alive. In brief, she died of the disappointment.There is also one interesting.

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