The company which established in the year

The Store Corporation Berhad was a retail company which established in the year 1968. It was also acknowledged as the largest and antiquated supermarket with multiple department stores. It has 75 outlets which have covered about 1 million square meters of area in Malaysia.

The Store has provided a large variety of products, such as fresh goods, food and beverage, electric appliances, clothing, shoes, bags, household goods, baby products, cosmetics and so on. Over the course of 47 years, The Store Group has grown in popularity and has become the leading retailer in the country.The Store Group’s project development starts with searching strategic locations, conducting feasibility studies, controlling designs and construction, administering sale, to managing the shopping complexes or office buildings after their commercial opening.

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Furthermore, the provision of public facilities, as well as security and cleaning services at each site, will also be covered. In addition, The Store Group continues to expand its business by strategically identifying potential locations for new outlets for The Store and Pacific brands. The Store has opened a new outlet at M3 Mall, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur last year. It has plans to open another 3 new outlets this year in Jerantut, Pahang; Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu; and Jitra, Kedah respectively. The Group is also undergoing a continuing programme to renovate, refurbish and upgrade the existing outlets. During the year, The Store outlets in Taman Tun Aminah and Kompleks Lien Hoe in Johor Bahru have been upgraded with a great new image.

The outlets are now new and modern in design, which provides a better shopping ambiance with comfort, convenience, variety and modern shopping lifestyle to the surrounding community.In recent years, The Store Group has been suffering from weak consumer sentiment and low consumption, which has also lead to increased competition in the market share industry. However, The Store Group has taken on future challenges and will continue to work to improve its operation and financial performance to remain competitive in the market. Besides, The Store Group will continue to pursue increased market share by broadening product range to cater for the market trends and review pricing strategies for the coming year. As part of the growth strategy, The Store Group will also continue its expansion with convenient and strategically located outlets nationwide.


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