The statement mentioned above that illustrate women are often seen as the target of illegal human trafficking groups and use the excuse of making easy money to seduce young foreign girls. However, we do not agree with the statement mentioned above. It is because easy money is not the only factor that leads to the young foreign girls to be easily trafficked.

Lack of awareness and illiteracy are also be considered as one of the major factors in relation to trafficking in women. In some poorer countries, the education provided by the state to the people is not complete and lacks some courses on health education and safety awareness. Therefore, this will lead to social crimes such as human trafficking and increase the probability of crime. In addition, gender discrimination also limits women access to obtain better income because they lack of education and make them more vulnerable to exploitation and take attention by illegal human trafficking groups. For example, the female literacy rate is only 39% compared with 64% for men in Pakistan.

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(Shaneela Sadaruddin Khowaja, 2012)


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