The measured a composite material. Only when

The statement composite resources combination of two or supplementary distinct parts. Thus a material has two or more chemically dissimilar constituent or phases, on macro scale, having a distinct interface separating them, may be measured a composite material. Only when the element phases have significantly dissimilar physical properties and thus the composite properties are noticeably different from the constituent properties that we have come to distinguish these materials as composites. complex composites, frequently referred to as current structural composites are a combine of two or more components, one of which is made up of rigid, long fibers, and the other, a binder or matrix which holds the fibers in place. The fibers are rigid and strong relation to the matrix and are generally orthotropic (having different properties in two different directions). The fiber, for complex structural composites, is stretched, with aspect ratio (length to diameter ratios) of more than 100.


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