Essay events of his father’s murder to see

Essay title: The State of Denmark

The State of Denmark“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” (Shakespear, 67). In the beginning of Hamlet this is said to represent what has happened and what will happen and how it is slowly destroying Denmark. A ghost appears claiming to be the murdered King and commands his son Hamlet to seek his revenge. Hamlet is told that Claudius the new King was the murderer. The Human condition, defines a man’s ability to act in certain conflicting times through his own inability to act. When hamlet first hears of this news instead of leaping at Claudius at first sight he takes his time and puts careful consideration and judgment to finding out if Claudius really is the murderer of his father.

Since the first sight of the ghost all of Hamlets actions have slowly began to destroy the Kingdom of Denmark. After Hamlet met with the ghost of his father he began to think up ways to make Claudius confess to his murder. Hamlet planned a play reliving the exact events of his father’s murder to see if Claudius would be affected. When Claudius saw the play he stood up out of shock and went to pray. Hamlet went out to kill him but found him praying and decided to wait.

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The event in the play caused a chain of effects between Hamlet and Claudius, since Claudius was aware that Hamlet knew he was a murderer he tried to kill Hamlet as well. What was rotten in Denmark was that the murderer of King Hamlet was ruling. Throughout the play Claudius wanted death as well Hamlets wanted death just brought about the death of others. The ghost of the King was a bad omen representing death.

Those who followed the murderer (Claudius) were all cursed and would die. Only after Claudius was killed would Denmark be rotten no more. The many attempts of murder from Claudius and Hamlet were originally brought about by the rottenness in the Denmark. The discovery of Claudius’ rotten actions made Hamlet aware that he must kill Claudius. “A man’s inaction defines his ability.

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