The toughest and even the most heart-breaking

 The toughest and even the most heart-breaking love and has asilver lining. In my case, love presented itself as the silver screen.

I fellin love with a man whom I never met in my entire life. I fell in love with aman at a tender age when I did not even know how to spell love, his and my ownname. Nevertheless, I was smitten by his presence in every film, advertisement andaward show. I fell in love without knowing the meaning of love.

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The King/ Baadshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan was my firstlove. I still do not understand if I fell in love with him or the idea of him.I am hooked with his wit, chivalry, academic speeches, dimples and movies. Iremember “borrowing” my mother’s saree and re-creating every romantic song ofhis. I have mentioned him in every tweet, watched his movies on repeat anddanced to Chaiyya Chaiyya’s beat. Iam also guilty of signing my diary with Mrs.

Khan and dancing to Mere Kwabhonmein jo aayein in my towel. Long story short, Jab Tak hai Jaan I love you ShahRukh Khan! Bollywood is the ultimate propagator of unrealisticperceptions of love amongst desi teenagers. Bollywood music and films portray femaleprotagonists in love as weak, demure and dependent women whilst the male protagonistsare the alpha men.  I enjoyed watching KuchKuch Hota Hai, Darr, DDLJ and Baazigar in my childhood.

In retrospectivehowever, I realised how Bollywood justifies stalking in the name of love andcan never fathom friendship between a girl and a boy, “Ek ladki aur ladka kabhidost nahi bansaktain.” It glorifies objectification and harassment but also characteriseswomen as damsels in distress. I now cringe when I watch Baazigar. Why did ShahRukh murder Shilpa Shetty for no fault of her own in order to avenge for hisfather’s death? Why is Kajol in DDLJ spineless?  Kuch Kuch Hota Hai has brainwashed teenagegirls in believing that only the girly girls find love. In Chennai express, thewinner of an action sequence gets to marry Deepika instead of her respectingher feelings.

In Hum Saath Saath Hain, the sanskaariand coy female family members eat after the male family members. Women are basicallytrophies transferred from one master to another( father to husband). On the brighter side, films are changing and the voices offemale protagonists are being heard in films such has Lipstick under my Burkha,Dear Zindagi, Dangal, Neerja and Pink. Bollywood does have its sets of flaws but yet manages tomake me believe in the idea of love. When love fails me and I dwell inunrequited love, I turn to Bollywood.

I end up singing Tadap Tadap and other morosesongs in my shower proceeded by watching Ae dil ae mushkil. I pray for theiconic train sequence in DDLJ with my crush when I am in the metro station withhim and give him the iconic palat with a hair flip when he gre


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