The what is also considered an education.

The speech “Remarks by the first lady” was held by Michelle Obama as an educational event for sophomores at DC Bell MultiCulturel High School.

She starts by thanking the coordinators and arrangers of the event for having the opportunity to talk to the young audience. The overriding topic of the speech is education, which has been one of her and her husband goals which they have used a lot of time and resources on. She told the goal was that by 2020 America will have the highest number of college graduates in the world. She tells that America has been the best country to graduate college students a generation ago but has slipped to 12th.

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As she was talking about the nation in whole, she changed the perspective of the subject into every individual and how important it is for every single one them to have an education, as two thirds of jobs in USA require some sort of school “training” what is also considered an education. She gave the students some sort of motivation, an inside view of her own personal experience and how she surpassed those obstacles to achieving her own goal as going to Princeton.


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