The tender submission sector in

The tender submission sector in India is a bit unorganizedand demands frequent updates from various sources to prevent missing anyopportunity.

Also, getting new tender notice demands multiple subscriptions andadded assistance. Therefore, tenderers should rely on options that are faster,easy to access and provide maximum benefit.Tender filling Platforms·        Online – e-tender platforms are a better optionto receive new tender notice. New tender notices are scattered all across theweb due to multiple government websites dispersing information on differentsectors. Therefore, it is better to opt for websites offering curated tendernotices like BidAssist, TenderTiger etc. ·        Offline – Challenges faced whilefilling a tender ·        Time Consuming – Long tender fillingprocedure·        Multiple websites·        Poor assistance·        Complex information distribution Stay UpdatedTo solve this problem, online platforms are offering curatedtender notices which are easy to understand and navigate.

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Companies are alsooffering tender notices on mobile and mails. This is being done with a goal tosave tenderers time and money. Benefits of using tender notice curators are:·        Summarized tender notices·        Reliable·         Time-saving·        One platform for all tender notices·        Free subscription·        Custom tender updatesOfBusiness, TenderTiger etc. are popular tender noticecurators which are also educating people about tender filling and submission.

They are also helping new and old tenderers with better information by sourcingtender notices from various government platforms at one place. This is helpingtenderers with in-time new tender notices and hence improved results.  Ofbusiness is offering summarized tender notices throughfree subscriptions which also updates you on mail and through SMS. Thesubscription procedure is simple and offers important information in a briefform. Tenderers can also opt for specific tender notice updates depending ontheir field of service.  


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