Essay his position. He has to kill them

Essay title: The Sniper By: Liam O’flaherty Nolan Rider

Plot: The Exposition in the story The Sniper is at the beginning. It starts when the author introduces the setting and main character. The Rising action of the story begins when the sniper is eating and decides to light a cigarette. He is spotted and was shot at, but the enemy missed.

The turning point in the story is when the sniper sees an old lady tell an enemy his position. He has to kill them both and another man in a turret to keep his cover. The climax is when an enemy sniper finds him and tries to kill him. The sniper is shot in the arm and the enemy believes he is dead.

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The sniper gets his revolver and kills the enemy sniper over fifty yards away. The falling action begins when the sniper leaves his post to report to his commander, and decides to see who the enemy sniper was. He turned over the body and looked into his brother’s face, and that part of the story is the resolution.Characterization Methods: The main character in The Sniper is a Republican Sniper. He is a young man, who looks as if he should still be a student. Yet the war has left a dark cold look in his eyes. His eyes are deep and thoughtful, like the eyes of a man who has became accustomed to seeing death.

He hates the war, and all the pain and suffering it has caused. He hates that it makes him kill, and he feels remorse for his victims. He is a clever killer, and does whatever he can to survive through this war.The Sniper by: Liam O’Flaherty Nolan RiderSetting: The story Sniper takes place in Dublin. It is a June night and the main character is perched on a rooftop surveying the city.

There is a war going on between the Republicans and the Free Starters. The main character is a Republican sniper. He is positioned on a rooftop near the O’ Conner Bridge. Mood: The mood of this story is dangerous. The sniper is almost caught or killed several times.

He can’t even light a cigarette without getting shot at. An old lady almost got him killed. He has to kill her and two other men just to survive. There is also a sniper that knows his position and is trying to kill him. He has to be witty and clever to stay alive, and every few minutes he is being shot at. He manages to escape but still gets a machine gun fired at him as he is returning to his commander.

Theme: The theme of this story is war. The main character is a Republican soldier stationed in Dublin. The war has turned this young man cold.

He has to kill civilians and Free Starters.

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