The Smallest Dragonboy Essay essay

The Feeling and Emotions of a Dragonfly Have you ever wanted to prove to someone that you are worthy of being so meeting so amazing it became desperate? Many people have a goal, but few people have the patience and the perseverance to achieve them. In Anne McGreevy’s short story, The Smallest Dragonfly young boy, Kevin, is just like that. The story takes place in a magical land an med peer.

According to custom, dragons hatch and choose a rider, a life long companion , through telepathic communication called Impression.These dragons burn the evil Thro ad that falls from the sky every two hundred years or so. Kevin aspires to become a dragon RI deer, but he faces many challenges. Many boys bully him because of his size and age, calling hi m “babe” and telling him he’s too young and too small to be a dragon rider. However, Keep n exhibits courage, humility, and determination, revealing to the reader that he will make e a great dragon rider. Firstly, Kevin exhibits humility.

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He doesn’t act like the other boys, bragging about getting a bronze dragon which is more prestigious than other dragons.Instead d, Kevin is fine with just a mere green dragon. For example, MacAfee writes, “He’d even stet eel for a green dragon. They were small, but so was he. ” (122) By the same token, Kevin did NT rat on a bully named Betters, despite Betters bullying him and getting him severely injured. Usually, a selfish person would tattle right away, but Kevin thinks to himself, “Much as he hat deed Betters, he couldn’t bring it upon himself to tattle on Betters and force him out of the can didactic. ” (126) Kevin remained silent when questioned about how he got injured.Next, Kevin shows a great deal of courage.

One day in the rock bunker, Be uteri took Seven’s shovel. However, Kevin stood up to Betters, demanding his shovel back. He still did this even when he knew Betters was the bigger and more muscular person. K vane is constantly standing up to Betters, not even being scared of breaking bones. For example, MacAfee writes, “Snarling, the older boy tried to regain possession, but Kevin clung with all h is strength to the handle, (126) Kevin shows more courage when his leg and skull are brook en.He believes that Dragon riders live with pain and that pain means nothing to them. For ex ample, MacAfee writes, “It hurt in spite of the numbered, but what was pain to a dragomen? (129) Breaking bones and skulls will hurt very badly, yet Kevin denies it all. This takes lots of bravery and courage, which Kevin clearly exhibits.

Sat, but certainly not least, Kevin shows determination. Even when Kevin learned about his injuries and being possibly turned out of his first hatching, he still the ought about being a dragooned candidate. I’m still a candidate? ‘ Kevin asked urgently. ” (128) D spite all of his injuries, he is very determined to become the youngest dragon rider known t o Peer. Seven’s determination motivates him to struggle to get to the Hatching Ground, even Hough he has a sore head and a very numb, broken leg. He did this alone without anyone’s he Ip.

The author writes, “Twice he fell into the sand and had to pull himself up on his stick, the white tunic no longer spotless. (129) Kevin also shows a lot of determination by working h reader than other boys. For example, the author writes, “Kevin was constantly working, twice a s hard as any other boy his age, to prove himself capable. ” (121) In conclusion, Kevin shows that he is worthy of being a dragon rider thro exhibiting courage, humility, and determination. Even though Betters gave Eke van a broken skull and leg, Kevin still didn’t want to tattle on him and force him out of the candidacy.He is brave to stand up to Betters, who is probably twice his size. When he was craw ling to the Hatching Grounds, twice he fell with a broken leg and still got up. In the end, K vane’s dream came true.

The bronze dragon chose Kevin to be his dragon rider. The trait s he showed must have inclined the dragon to do that. From the short story, The Smallest Dragonfly, we can all learn that the positive characters like humility, courage, and determination will I enable you to achieve your goal in spite of difficulties and disadvantages.

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