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The secretive government site Area 51 does exist, and it is alleged as a depiction of Cold War era in the USA, I do think that this creation of secretive sites was justified because it became a test sight for some mysterious missing secrets.

Area 51 was built for most national testing to take place, but best of all kept America safe from World War 3 with the Russian and helped keep us safe from the pilots of Vietnam. The justification of Area 51 was really set up to spy on Russia and research on what plans did Russia have against us. This was basically considered for the CIA to proof evidence to the president of any sorts of negative action that may take place towards the country. This information had to be based on facts and never be shown as fiction nor speculation and so Area 51 had to be held as a research secret center to be justified. This secretive site would build nuclear bomb and other scientific technology on regards of protecting America against any other country weapon. At the same time this site was also spying on other countries.

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If I oversaw the CIA during the Cold War period, the methods that I would use to ensure domestic security wouldn’t be any differ than the way they are doing it today. Creating nuclear bombs or spying on my enemies to learn what type of weapon they might use against us to also use the same technology against them but maybe stronger. The idea on what is keeping us safe all comes from the Area 51 secret site and will continue build most of my secret technology in this space. The atomic energy


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