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The Secret that Explodedby Howard Morland “The Secret that Exploded” written by Howard Morland isa non-fiction book based on his findings on the H-bomb.

Howard dedicated his life to finding out the secret of theH-bomb and releasing his findings to the public who havebeen in the dark since the beginnings of the ManhattanProject. The book goes through everything he went throughfrom when he became an airforce pilot to him becominginvolved in radical groups to him fighting the government incourt for freedom of press. His book goes through everythinghe had to do to get the information he needed to find outthe secret of the H-bomb. Howard felt that if “He wouldattack secrecy; if secrecy could be dismantled, then theopponents of nuclear weaponry would have a fighting chance.(pg.

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50)” He wanted to break down the secrecy of thegovernment and give the radical groups that were against thebomb a chance to get there views heard around the U.S. andpossibly bring a stop to the nuclear arms race.

Howardthought that the “secret of the H-bomb could be thecenterpiece of the secrecy structure and that if he couldcrack it he could bring down the whole secrecystructure.(pg.50)” This is what he wanted and he wanted allof the secrets that the government has been keeping from thepublic to be revealed so that the public could know what wasgoing on and not be in the dark. Howard knowing that finding the secret would be nearimpossible moved on in his journey and visited every majornuclear manufacturing sight in the U.S.

that he knew about.On his journey he encountered problems with security. Thegovernment has bottled up the secret by giving securityclearances to anyone who knew the secret. These people couldnot tell anyone anything that was deemed classified and theycould get in very big trouble if they did. Howard had to getby this by asking questions that would bring back answersthat wasn’t classified material but the information that heneeded. Howard got so good at asking questions that heeventually put together all the information he found outfrom all of his sources and put together his version of theH-bomb.

This version was so near accurate that thegovernment wanted to classify it so that Howard could notpublish it in the The Progressive magazine. Howard and TheProgressive took the government to the Supreme court wherethe government dropped their case because the info that theywanted to contain had already leaked out to the public.Howard and The Progressive got what they wanted and earnedthe right to print their article that revealed the secret ofthe H-bomb.

One major theme in the book was how the U.S. and Russiaboth had so many nuclear bombs that they could end life onboth continents and possibly the world and still have bombsleft in their arsenal to do more damage. The carnage and thefallout of a nuclear bomb is devastating. As shown on page276 one “Poseidon.

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