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Essay title: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

My story is titled "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".Walter Mitty is a daydreamer who imagines himself the hero of his fantasies as a navy pilot commander, doctor, sharpshooter on trial , bomber pilot, and victim of a firing squad. Mitty is married to a woman who treats him more like a child than a husband. This is the result of his immature habit of escaping into daydreams. As the story begins, a military officer orders an airplane crew to continue with a flight through a hurricane. The crew members are scared but are persuaded by their commander's confidence, and they express their faith in him. The dream ends when his wife scolds him for driving too quickly, implying that Walter's dream led to his speeding.

Suddenly, the setting switches to an ordinary highway, where Walter Mitty and his wife (Mrs. Mitty) are driving into a city to run errands. The scene on the airplane is revealed to be one of Mitty's many fantasies.

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The second dream begins when his wife notes that he is tense, and asks him to see a doctor.In this daydream he is a brilliant doctor, called upon to perform an operation on a millionaire banker. His thoughts are interrupted by the attendant at the parking lot, where Mitty is trying to enter through the exit lane. He has trouble backing out to get into the proper lane.He then begins walking down Main Street to the shoe store for the overshoes his wife tells him to get. After going to the shoe store and going out onto the street again, a newsboy went by shouting something about the Waterbury trial.This leads to his third daydream.In this daydream,Walter Mitty quickly went into one of his day dreams and was suddenly on trial for murder in his dream.He is said to have shot Gregory Fitzhurst.While being crossed-examined, a lovely, dark-haired girl was in his arms.The District Attorney struck at her.Without.

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