The cancer caused by the toxic chemicals

The second reason why fur industries should be banned is because of the damaging it is doing to the environment. Fur is not natural as people think, there is nothing natural about it. In fact, it is a lot more harmful to the environment. The fur company apply huge amounts of chemicals to the pelts to keep them from rotting, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, chromium, hydrogen peroxide and other dangerous chemicals.. (A Return to Creativity, 2010). Not only it is bad for the environment, but also it is damaging the health of those who work to produce it as well. People who is working in these fur production places and fur industries are dying of cancer caused by the toxic chemicals used to process and dye the animal skins. The making of fur contributes to water contamination, pollution and it also leads to cancer. It increases the malignant neoplasms and lung cancer as well. According to ” The Human Society ” (2014), Ethylene glycol, lead and toluene are among the chemicals used known to be developmentally and reproductively toxic to men and women. Zinc is also toxic in certain forms.

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Last updated: May 22, 2019


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