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The school’s prospectus or handbook is very useful when it comes to addressing the school’s ethos, mission, aims and values, giving the reader a vast idea of the school as a whole. However, the prospectus or handbook should be clear, concise and straightforward. It is better to have it written in detailed points which are easily understandable, than in paragraphs. This method of communication may not be as effective, particularly to those who are sight impaired, or do not speak or understand English. In such cases, it may useful to have the school’s prospectus available in different languages. Similarly, sending newsletters home allows the parents as well as students to have a read through the school’s ethos, aims, and values in their own time and use it as a reminder. However, the problem with newsletters is that it often gets misplaced or the child forgets to show their parents when they get home. School website is a very effective way of conveying the message as it is easily accessible anywhere at any time.

Parents may benefit from this as they are able to read through the information given about the school as well as the school policies. In addition to this, reading positive reviews about the school with regard to its ethos, aims and values may also support their judgement and decision to enrol their child into the school. In spite of this, there may be parents who do not have access to the internet or do not know how to function a computer, and would prefer to meet the head teacher or other staff members for any enquiries they may have about the school. Therefore holding meetings with parents or presenting open days gives parents a chance to, not only ask of anything they may have been unsure of but to physically view the school. Parents may get a positive first impression of the school through the atmosphere of the school, the friendly behaviour and enthusiasm of the staff members, representing the school’s ethos and values in action. School assemblies are not as effective as some parents may not be able to attend them due to other commitments such as work. However, it is a good way of reminding the children of the school’s values and rewarding those who have been following the ethos and aims of the school, which in turn will encourage others to do so.

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