The the Green knight” is a romance, because

The Romance of GawainThe best of the best. During the Medieval period a man’s life was all about becoming a warrior and gaining respect.

Gawain does just that when he stands up for his king. Throughout the story the main character, Gawain has to make wise decisions that will affect him now and in the future. The test that he faces will determine his character. The author uses supernatural elements to give the story a greater impact on the reader.

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The story “Sir Gawain and the Green knight” is a romance, because it involves a near- perfect hero who faces a test ad it contains supernatural elements. Gawain is a near perfect hero, but for simple mistake is a flaw to his character. In every good fantasy there is at least one hero to save the day. Gawain does just that when the Green Knight intrudes on a party. The people of the town were frightened and refused to approach the Green Knight.The Green Knights irritated states, “I only wish to play a new years game”.

(Page 158 background). Gawain accepts an ax blow-for-blow game that the Green Knight proposes when no other knight would. The game turns sour, but the Green Knight lets him face the ax in one year and a day. Like a good hero, Gawain keeps his word, but before doing that, he meets a hunter who tests him. Unfortunately, Sir Gawain fails that test.

Gawain faces that test when the hunter proposes a trading game in which everything the two receive each day must be given to the other individual. The first two days, Gawain follows the rules; “ For two days, Gawain accepts only kisses….”,he even turns down the hunter’s wife when she offers him sex.(page 158 background). On the third day she offers him a green sash which will keep whoever wears it alive. Thinking of his own life, Gawain keeps the magic sash for.

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