The role of the key

The role of the key person, an assigned member of staff, in promoting emotional well-being is to ensure the child is meeting the EYFS requirements for their age band. This could also hint at any issues that might arise from the child’s home life or health. If they are behind in specific areas, it can highlight and help pinpoint what is wrong and to also help fix it. The key person will be supporting and promoting emotional well-being of the children every day. The key person is also there to help teach the children about their own emotional well-being. This could be through books or videos, or simply demonstrating.

The emotional well-being of a child is extremely important during nursery, because they need to learn the skills before they are older. Emotional Well-being sets them for life, the people skills that they learn while young are the most important. Key people help create friendships between the children and helps them manage their feelings. During Island Time, I ask my children everyday how they are feeling, once they answer I ask them a follow up question- Why?I do this because it is important for them to genuinely understand their emotions and not just answer because they know that ‘Happy’ is an emotion.

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