The Role of Male Practitioners in Early Years essay

Builds relations with the nursery and male careers- it can be daunting for a an to enter an all female setting and vice versa Research carried out by the Children’s Workforce Development Council in 2008, showed that 36% of children from lone parent families had under six hours week Of contact time with a man, while 17% had fewer than two hours. Male early years workers are therefore vital in making sure young children have quality contact time with men. Some children/ cultures respond to men rather than women. Therefore male practitioners can promote positive behavior. My experience….. Have worked in a variety of settings some only woman and some with one male practitioner and another setting with 2 ale practitioners and a male administrator. Have seen the impact that having a male practitioner can have on parents, staff and the children. Personal Accounts spoke with two male practitioners who I worked with in the past to get and insight into their experience. Mike L. ? 8 years experience When first went on placements and for interviews, the managers would be initially shocked, went for 5 interviews before I was offered a job and I believed it was because I’m a man. Love my job and once the parents get to know me, the love having a male practitioner. A lot of the dads find it easier to speak with me and specially grandfathers will speak with me, think the find it less intimidating to talk to a man. We now have dads day the Saturday Of the month. James B- 3 years experienced found it hard when was studying at college. Everyone would give me funny looks and whisper when they saw me in my work experience t shirt.

At first my friends mocked me for wanting to be a nursery nurse and called me horrendous things, it was just a bit of fun for them but it made me cross. Even my own brother would say things. Some parents at my setting ask for me not to toilet their daughters. I am lucky to have a opportune manager. Am proud of the fact that I am seen as a selling point for our setting. I can see the impact my role has on the children. The future Lots of different groups are now seeing the importance of men in Early years. My local council (Surrey C) have set up and initiative to encourage colleges and schools to promote men enter childcare careers. Surrey county council has increased the proportion of men working in their childcare settings to 3. 5%. Www. Enchilada’s. Co. K offer courses, guidance and support for existing practitioners and those wanting to enter the profession. The Fatherhood Institute has joined up with City Gateway to recruit and offer training 18-24 year old men. Toad Hall Nursery group has launched a series of Men in Early Years Events along with Surrey County Council. Richard Torrance, chief executive Of childcare qualifications awarding body CACHE, said their centers had seen more interest from men for courses Nursery world Magazine Online The Future Initiatives to encourage men into Early Years More male practitioners in settings Positive impact on the setting children, staff and families Change societies view on male More men choosing early years as a profession.

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