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The responsibility of Social Policy is to ‘understand the people and their problems,’ by putting in place a plan of action that impacts people’s lives. For example, if lots of people have the same problem, then it may be because of a particular law, regulation, practice or policy. If changes are made to the rules and system by the government, then these problems can be solved and that’s where social policy work comes in and where they help people.

Social policy is a guideline which the government uses to highlight problems relating to any of the following topics, Crime, Islamophobia, housing, poverty, the welfare state, health care and how people manage their money through savings and pensions. A policy is in place to determine present and future decisions on recognising and finding ways of reducing inequalities in accessing to services and getting support between social groups defined by social-economic factors which are status, race, migration status, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age, and between countries.The key legislation which has always find is way in the news, is Mental Health Act (MHA) and the health providers NHS organisation.

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