The theories on motivation as well as

The research problem identified in the previous chapter has been abridged by the research questions formulated below. Based on the available theories on motivation as well as empirical findings the research questions aim to identify the factors influencing the motivation of senior level employees in ABC Bank. The research questions are as follows, 1. Identify the factors that influence motivation amongst for the senior level employees of ABC Bank2.

Impact of these motivators on senior level employee’s motivation.3.3 Conceptual Frame workThe below conceptual framework revealed by figure 1 has been developed by the researcher taking in to consideration the relevant theories discussed in the literature review. Also by identifying the gaps within the current Human Resource practices at ABC Bank through a series of initial interviews conducted and data collected.

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As per the conceptual framework stated above, the variables are as follows, • Independent variables – Job Satisfaction, Job Autonomy, Job Security and Organizational Loyalty• Dependent variable – Senior Level Staff Motivation3.4 RationalizationThe primary objective of this research is to identify the motivators among the senior level employees of ABC bank. Therefore the above conceptual framework has been developed to define the influence of each independent variable on the motivation levels of senior grade employees. Motivation is a key part of human resource practices in an organization, especially among the senior grade employees as they are the population steering the strategic direction of the organization among the rest of the employees.

It is important the top layer is motivated so that the same energy and determination trickles down to the next levels of staff. The comprehensive literature review reveals four main independent variables affecting senior managerial level employees. Considering the dependent variable as the level of motivation, the conceptual framework articulated above gives a clear illustration of the direct influence of the highlighted four independent variables towards the level of motivation.Job Satisfaction supported by Job Autonomy which is the level of liberty and independent judgment permissible to an employee over his/her job role, as well as the Job Security and the Organizational Loyalty which is the extent to which an employee value the membership of the organization are identified as the key independent variables influencing the motivation level of senior level staff at ABC Bank. These variables have been cautiously selected for this research based on their ability to define the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

3.5 Definitions of VariablesThe conceptual framework that is developed consists of four independent variables and a dependent variable which are defined below,


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