The total workforce in India and contribute around

The research aims to study empowerment of farmers through development of technology in agriculture in our country. Empowering the formers to adopt irrigated agricultural practices in plane of traditional rainfeed agricultural. To create awareness among farmers, to achieve sustainable development in agriculture. According to Indian Economy Survey 2017-18 agriculture sector provides 50% of total workforce in India and contribute around 17-18% country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Indian farmer suffering from lack of technical knowledge, unfavourable weather conditions, marketing for products and high investment in the form of tilling, seeding, fertilizers, harvesting and storing the produce. More than 3 lakhs people committed suicide in last two decades (2000 per year) due to water crises, distress due to loans, and cost of fertilizers, seeds and agricultural equipment’s. This research also provides schemes for empowerment of farmers of instance; establishment of association of farmer for giving knowledge and information to increase their crop productivity and give direct access to the market. Providing technology in agricultural sector for eco-friendly and sustainable development. Introducing the concept of PPP (Public Private Partnership) in agricultural sector for their financial support. To make farmers aware of natural disaster/climate change by providing innovative technique. Proper management of water and available sources is necessary. The greatest challenge for future agriculture lies in making agricultural resource and extension.

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Therefore, integrated research develop new technique for sustainable development of agriculture and to empowering farmers.


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