The inspirational story of tough times, pain,

The Rescue is a fictional novel, written by Nicholas Sparks. It is an inspirational story of tough times, pain, and true love. Taylor McFadden is from a small town called Edenton. He is a volunteer fireman.

He tries to help everyone in anyway he can. Taylor has a tendency to make women fall for him and get them in so deep. Then he will bail out and run away.

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He has a deep dark secret that he doesn’t tell anyone. The secret is about his father.Denise is also from a small town. She has a four year old son who is speech impaired. She is single and alone and the only person she has in her life is Kyle, her son. She is a very hard worker, she works at the diner every night. She is also a great mother to Kyle and has more patience than anyone to work with him all the time.

Taylor was on call after a huge storm when he saw a car flipped over. This is where he met Denise. Kyle was missing and Taylor was the one who found him. After that night Taylor runs into Denise at the store and they start talking.

Taylor is wonderful with Kyle. Kyle even starts to speak more fluently to where people can understand him. After spending the entire summer together everyday, Denise starts noticing that Taylor is pulling away from her. They start drifting apart, and are no longer together. After they got in an argument which ended everything, Taylor went to a bar where he met his good friend Mitch there. Mitch told Taylor what he thought and they got into a big argument.

Later that night there.

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