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The second week of the module, we studied NotionalAnalysis of coaching behaviours.

Notational Analysis is an affordabletechnology which provides feedback to the coach on the advantages and disadvantagesof their session. During the practical we used two different hand notationtools (see in appendix 2).The ASU Coaching Instrument and Coaching BehaviourScale for Sport. The advantages I found from the ASU coaching instrument toolwas that it is easy too record the results by recording a tally throughout thesession, also making it affordable not costing any specific equipment (James,2006).

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It provides immediate feedback to coaches, which allows the coach toreflect on there session. Although the disadvantages of using the ASU coachinginstrument was that its not 100% accurate for example when recording the data onpaper its hard to time keep, as well as observe what is happening in thesession to keep a tally in the correct box. If there is more than 1 of you usingthe tool, I found that there were mixed opinions of when people thought eventshappened during the session, as we were entailed to our own opinion. Also, whenconducting the tool, I felt under pressure as I had to keep my eye on thesession all times to get the most accurate results. The second tool we used in the practical session wasthe Coaching behaviour scale for sport, the advantages of this tool was thatthe data provided information back to the coach on how their athletes feltabout their relationship towards their coach, (as individuals) which provided individualfeedback. Although thedisadvantages I found using this tool was that it would be more appropriatelyused if the athletes were long term as then it would allow the coach to helpthem improve their scores i.e.

by building a better relationship. Anotherdisadvantage of this tool was that it should be completed anonymous therefore thecoach has an open mind on which strategies to use to improve their style ofcoaching if need be. Overall, I don’t think that I would use this tool fornetball, as I didn’t think that it would benefit any of my players compared totools we have used in previous weeks.


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