The rationale can be justified because: The strategies have been identified and given a deadline of 10 months. Using the Gannt chart, I have identified the required tasks and planned time accordingly to the complexity of each tasks. The marketing message is clear and communicates the intended message to the target audience. The marketing mix was used to aid in marketing the product. This involved identifying the product, pricing, promotions, place etc. The price is right as the market research shows competitors pricing to be within similar range.

When addressing the right media platform, the use of TV adverts was not a good choice because it is very costly when compared to online adverts and its ability to reach a larger audience. Contingencies and fixed payments were calculated and maintained within the budget to maximise profits. e.g This campaign mainly relies on the marketing abilities of employees thus why a massive part of the budget being dedicated to the employment of specialist staff. The timelines provided also include extra time gaps for any unexpected circumstances.

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Each timeline contains a key performance indicator to monitor the campaigns progress.


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