The purpose and methods of the Cultural

The purpose and methods of the Cultural Revolution as described by Rae in her Memoir Spider Eater, shows that Mao used lack of experience youth at that time, to drive his modernization ideas against the religion that was practiced at that time. The youth during Maoist presented themselves as inexperienced true believers of Maoist.

The youth air displeasure and show that they had missed an immense divine quest referring to the Revolution that Mao used to ascend to power. The youth desired to be associated with a similar event, so when Mao asked the youth to stand by him to defend the Revolution from opposing powers, the youth were ready to bounce into action.The Cultural Revolution in China turned to be disastrous economically, politically and socially.

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Mao advocacy of abolishment of schools, customs, shrines and cultural heritage, using the common law, the Leap Forward and the rise of the Red Guard purged China to an economic crisis. Poverty level country increased, and millions of Chinese died due to starvation and flood. Mao intended to make China competitive with other powerful countries, but he overlooked the other drivers of an economy like food security, international market, health, and education. The Red Guards which comprised of youth of school-going age were deployed to rural farms to learn from the farmers. When joining the Mao’s revolution, the youth believed that China will be a better society, after fighting corruption and bureaucracy. The country later learned that the communist party led by Mao had no vision for a better, crime-free China.

Due to conditions that prevailed in China during the Cultural Revolution, many families were broken, people died, children were neglected due to forced labor, and wealthy people like Rae Yang’s father were reduced to peasants due to the rule of communist of not privatization of properties.


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