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Us mammary have been a Team Member of Wells Fargo for 5 years and realize there is a definite desire for a PRIDE Chapter Team Member Network (T MN) in Western NC. Western is missing out on an opportunity for community exposure and team member engagement by not having a PRIDE Team Member Network in the Region. Currently, there are only two PRIDE Tm’s in the Carolinas, one in Winston Salem and the second in Charlotte.

They offer virtually no participation for the Western Team Members, due to distance and length of travel time.I would like to research potential benefits to our Team Members to determine the deed for this Network. I propose conducting research to determine whether Team Members would support or oppose having a PRIDE Chapter T MN in Western, how many Team Members would join the Network, and what potential community involvement would be possible within our communities.

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Propose researching the TAN need in all 5 districts of the Region, answer these questions and present my findings to you.To help me answer these questions I will create questionnaires and conduct interviews with the District Managers and their Teams. If this proposal is agreed to, I will immediately begin researching this topic. I will supply the first progress report to you on Monday, August 3rd, 2015. The first progress report will cover the results of my secondary research and the second progress report will cover my primary research findings, such as interview and surveys conducted.

PRIDE Chapter TAN proposal for western Introduction Last year PRIDE Triad TAN from the Winston Salem Chapter was a sponsor for Blue Ridge PRIDE 2014. During this event, many of the Western team members volunteered their time to work the booth and participate in this event as a team member of Wells Fargo. During the event, many team embers asked why Western did not have a PRIDE T MN of its own. Because of this question, came to the conclusion that what our Region is in dire need of is a Western TAN that will provide enhanced engagement for the Western Team Members in our communities and workplace.

Wells Fargo currently has two PRIDE Team Member Networks throughout the entire Carolinas, one in Winston Salem and the other in Charlotte. Both of these networks provide team members with personal and professional development, mentoring, leadership engagement, and networking and community outreach opportunities. Through my research I would like to answer the following questions: 1. What is the mission and benefits off PRIDE TAN in western? 2.

What is needed to start a PRIDE TAN in western? 3. What are the Team Members attitudes towards a PRIDE TAN in Western?It is imperative for me to know the team members true attitudes towards having a PRIDE TAN here in Western. Fifth team members have strong feelings for or against a PRIDE T MN in our region that will be necessary to know prior to approval being given for this proposal. They may have great input with my research and development of the region but some may also eave legitimate concerns that need to be heard as well. Would like for the team members to determine and agree upon the necessity for a PRIDE TAN in the region so we may move forward with our proposed plan.

For that reason, I ask that I be allowed to research and study my findings concerning the proposed plan and its necessity for the betterment of our team members and region. The following section will include the proposed tasks. PRIDE Chapter TAN Proposal for Western proposed Tasks With your approval, I would perform the following tasks to determine if the deed for a PRIDE T MN in Western is necessary: Tasks . Illustrated why a PRIDE TAN in Western is important. eave already begun the first steps in my research by reading about the mission and benefits that a PRIDE Chapter Team Member Network can offer to Western NC. Thus far, have found PRIDE T MN websites that describe the benefits that a PRIDE TAN could bring to Western, including enhanced team member engagement and community outreach opportunities. Mission: Established in 1 992, the PRIDE Team Member Network serves as the voice of inclusion and acceptance for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender LIGHT) team members, customers and allies of the LIGHT community.

PRIDE welcomes all team members and encourages personal and professional development through involvement in community and company activities. We believe that recognizing team members’ individual differences contributes to the success of our diverse company. Goals: Maintain an inclusive workplace for LIGHT employees, establish a “voice” for the LIGHT community, Provide professional development opportunities, engage the LIGHT community outside of Wells Fargo, and Enhance Wells Farrago’s reputation as the best uncial services company for the LIGHT community.Task 2. Research what is needed to start a PRIDE TAN in Western. I would reach out to the other two existing PRIDE T MN in Winston Salem and Charlotte and speak with the current chair members to find out what is needed to begin a PRIDE TAN and how they were first created. This is a crucial part of the process as I need to have a clear understanding Of what is needed in order to begin a chapter here in Western.

Without this knowledge and understanding, it would prove difficult to begin the creation of our own PRIDE TAN in western. Task 3.Research team member opinions toward the idea of a PRIDE TAN in Western. Would try to answer the following question: Mould a PRIDE TAN in Western be something of interest to you as a team member of Wells Fargo? ” I believe that getting a better understanding of how team members feel about the network is the best source of information.

Since team members are the ones who the network will be made up of, their interest and opinions of the network is a crucial piece of my research. Without their support the PRIDE TAN would not be possible.

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