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The project is a device to transmit power wirelessly instead of using traditional copper cables and current carrier wires. The concept of wireless power transmission was introduced by Nicholas Tesla. This capability is converted in a small range only, for example charging rechargeable batteries. We used a fan instead of a battery powered by wireless power. This requires an electronic circuit to convert 230 V AC 50 Hz to 12 V AC, at high frequency, then this file is fed to a basic file for the primary air adapter. The secondary coil of the adapter generates a high frequency of 12 volts. In this way the power is transferred through the primary file to a secondary file at a certain distance about 3 cm.

The primary file and the secondary file work to receive the power to run the load.IntroductionThe project implements the principle of energy transfer system. The coil connected to the AC power source as a transmitter of the variable time of the magnetic field and the other end of the future coil acts with a magnetically induced current and leads a connected load motor. The two files are aligned in such a way that the interaction of the magnetic field, the transfer of energy is the maximum. , The future coil, which is installed on a DC motor, performs a complete 360-degree cycle and continuously monitors the voltage. The direct current motor automatically goes to the maximum sensor position, and the coil starts to run the load motor attached to it. Wireless communication is the transmission of extended power without the use of wires or cables where the distance can be short or long. Wireless operations allow long-range communication that is useless by using wires.

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Wireless power transmission or wireless power transmission may be the transfer of power from the power source to an electric load without wires. Wireless transmission shall be in cases where interconnected wiring is inappropriate, dangerous or impossible. The power transfer status varies wirelessly from wireless communication such as radio. In the latter case,The controlled receiver level becomes, provided it is too low, so that the signal from Earth noise is distinguished by radio energy. Efficiency is the most important. That the energy sent to the generating station to the most common future for wireless transmission is to use direct induction and then resonant magnetic induction.

The poles include radio waves such as microwaves or light technology. Wireless operations allow services, for example long-range communications, which can be impossible and impractical in conventional waysBackgroundNicholas Tesla spent most of his time and wealth in a series of projects to develop power transmission without wires. New York City installed the world’s first power grid He believes that wireless energy is possible and built the so-called Tesla Tower, a huge file connected to a 200-foot tower with a diameter of three feet. Tesla poured 300 kilowatts of power into the device, and the coil was ejected at 150 kHz. The Tesla coil works by switching the alternating voltage to a very high voltage and increasing the frequency. His initial model, which was enormous and costly, worked in his laboratory. But when it comes to working more broadly outdoors, experience fails: power spreads in all directionsThe rectennaIn Teslas work was needed a power adapter.

There was a need to convert one type of energy to another for WPT in this current working force that realized the shift from the wireless to the DC on the basis of a straight circle By connecting the diode to reach the dipole antenna, we get a simple device. The use of the Scotty diode is the idea of Tesla to transfer electrical power from atmospliere time to earth. Using the fire balloon will allow the electricity to flow along the connector wire down to the base station. Then the city can be activated “easily”. It is essential to achieve high efficiency in the overall conversion process.Has LED access. The latter corrects the voltage to DC current by capacitor C at the RC rate.

For the first time, William Brown succeeded in showing a microwave helicopter using the receiver. The rectum was studied in the second half of the 20th century, leading to higher general efficiency systems with the advent of integrated circuits and low energy technologies. New applications have become possible in the middle of defining radio frequencies as RFID systems by induction or electromagnetic coupling The antenna is used in both transmission and communications. Other WPT applications include telemetry implants as a sequence, the issue of recirculating ambient microwave energy has been used through the vast majority of these applications for block rate


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