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The primary goal of the present investigation was to center around the effect of whatsapp application on the life of youth in New Delhi .

The information was gathered with the assistance of questionnaire survey under which 50 respondents where chosen based random sampling . The information was gathered in various parts of New Delhi and generally youth relating to age aggregate 13 – 25 where focused . According to the data analysis it was noticed that the majority of the respondents uses whatsapp application and some of them are very dependent with the utilization of this application . The vast majority of the respondents gets influenced by the features of whatsapp (Display picture , Status , Contact DP and so forth ) up to that degree that their enthusiastic and mental remainder gets affected in one way or other , Some of the respondents addressed that they often get disturbed if somebody shrouds their last seen or does not answer to the their messages , while different respondents asserted that their family members often grumble about their use of whatsapp constantly . Some people addressed that the use of whatsapp impacts their education and sleep as well while a portion of the respondents cited that their mind-set gets affected by the chats of their friends and family . In short we can state whatsapp is a wellspring of informing or online data transporter , the majority of the general population utilizes the said application in an exceptionally positive manner while others utilize the same application in an extremely negative way . Utilizing whatsapp isn’t an issue , yet utilizing it in a way that it impacts the way of life , well being , education or social condition can be an extremely grievous risk to our society .

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The present examination uncovered that numerous respondents gets influenced by this application and the remainder of their mental quotient and mind-set stays limited towards this application . The vast majority gets such a great amount of dependence towards whatsapp that they overlook their own job and responsibilities and gets both mentally and socially impacted by the use of this app . Around 30% of the respondents asserted that their every day routine life gets impacts by whatsapp , the majority of the general population among them are so much addictive that occasionally they leave their food in middle and gets in touch with their companions on the other side . At the time of data collection , it was additionally watched that individuals who are whatsapp addict does not feel that they are one a wrong path however they continually continued saying that whatsapp is the wellspring of passionate help and stress buster . A portion of the respondents where discovered such a great amount of joined to this application that they begin crying when somebody close friend does not answer on time and in like manner because of dissatisfaction they uninstall the application from their smart phones , over half respondents feels slighted or insulted if somebody leaves in the middle of the chat , this demonstrates the power and enslavement level of this application in our general public and consequently there is a need of rapid reappraisal . Everything in this universe has upsides and downsides , utilizing web can be productive in a way that any kind of data can be gathered , it upgrades the learning of an individual and makes the life simple and advanced .

we can think about a period when there was no innovation and that it was so difficult to contact the other individual over the mainland , yet now due the progression in innovation we can contact alternate people in seconds , we can make utilization of video calls to address the otherparty in person , now a days we make utilization of video conferences or whatsapp calls to address the far issues . Be that as it may, utilizing a similar innovation adversely can prompt obliteration and social lopsidedness ,utilizing whatsapp all the time can impact the vision of an individual and subsequently prompts numerous well being related issues , it impacts the psychological condition as well as impacts the physical strength of an individual . More often than not it is likewise observed that numerous phony information (Videos , News , pictures) gets viral on whatsapp which leaves a negative check on the general public .In order to overcome the issue of addiction govt. should play a very important role in public awareness campaigning and society should stand hand in hand to deal with such issues that impacts our society in one way other .

The whatsapp developers should design the app in such a way that their ought to be the particular age confinement and time boundations for the use of this application . Most essential is self acknowledgment , one should take note of that negative things dependably prompt pulverization along these lines, we should center around positive things and henceforth improve our society in one way or other ..


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