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The subject matter for which this dissertation has arisen has been froma passion on my own behalf for the older crafts skills and knowledge whichincluded the former applied practices that are not widely known or practiced intheir full potential. The second area that has intrigue my interest is thecontinuing wide spread publications on the shortage of skilled craftsman withhistoric applied expertise and knowledge to engage in the restoration sector. In order to assess whether the present concerns are justified, it will be necessary to look into the past and toconsider what and how this dilemma has been addresses before and then to moderntimes; to what is currently in vog to meet the projected demands with in thesector. The main body ofresearch will have its concerns in the crafts knowledge with an in-depth surveyprovisioned towards craftsman practices and associated knowledge. It will alsoinclude practical reasons for retaining such techniques, considering benefitsfor their preservation as well as the advantages to historic building. Thisdissertation aims to consider the value of old-style practice in carpentry withregard to its relevance in authentic reconstruction of historic or protectedbuilding that are under threat or been destroyed.  This will movefurther into the relevance of the journeyman system of Europe and the positionof which Open Air Museums play towards the survival of the crafts andknowledge.

Furthermore an examination of crafts establishments that plays avital importance in the future of the crafts.  The practices oftwo authentic reconstruction projects will be addressed in detail for the casestudies. Both these case are unique in their own terms, one been in a UNESCOsite which is an Open Air Museum, while the other been a protected historicmonument.

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Both are using older techniques for the construction.  Literature to be examined will form the core of the dissertation in thecurrent viewed situation of the deficiency of crafts practices, while the questionnairewill see in real terms where the crafts knowledge is situated. This will forman understanding of the whole context in which and where the older carpentryskills and knowledge are positioned.

My intentions are neither to criticise nor torecommend solutions, as these responsibilities are and have been carried out bynumerus governmental bodies, professional bodies and consultants to which haveformed solutions to reverse and address the decline and knowledge gaps with inthe older crafts practices.


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