The food as addictive as drugs? Fast

The popularity of fast food has increased at a higher rate in the last few decades.

The question is: how many of us eat fast foods once or twice a week? Is fast food as addictive as drugs? Fast foods are generally high caloric foods that lack essential vitamins and minerals. Fast food restaurants can be a blessing for people to fulfill their hunger quickly when they have no time to cook. The easy availability of fast foods and the progress in fast food chains has to lead to an increase in the addiction of fast food. In this essay I will argue that fast foods are very affordable, time-saving, and satisfy our hunger quickly but often decrease the consumption of nutritional foods and cause serious health illnesses. In addition, this research essay also attempt to convince teenagers and young adults to limit their consumption of junk foods in favor of more nutritious foods in order to encourage them to be healthier. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss the main reasons for rapid fast food addiction all around the world, the harmful impacts of these foods on health, and possible solutions in order to make people aware of their health. To begin with, there are many reasons for people’s preference for fast food such as affordable prices, time-saving, and better taste.

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The primary cause for the popularity of fast food is its easy availability at cheaper rates; many restaurants provide with a variety of foods such as burgers, fries, roasted meats, and pizzas at meager prices. This advantage generally makes people lazy to prepare food at home, and they depend on fast food from restaurants. The research points out that about sixty percent of the population preferred to eat in KFC while ten percent of people like to eat unhealthy foods at street corners (Balaji et al.

64). The main reason for higher addiction of fast food is busy schedules of people especially, college students consume fast foods to reduce the efforts of preparing their meals at home. In addiction, the dependency of people on fast food is also due to the lack of knowledge regarding nutritional aspects of diet (Guthrie et al. 148). In most of the rural areas and undeveloped nations, people have less information about the choice of healthy and unhealthy foods. In fact, people in less developed areas prefer foods on the “basis of location of preparation rather than consumption” of healthier diets (Guthrie et al. 141).

Moreover, the working parents in the nuclear families prefer to eat fast food in restaurants rather than preparing meals at home. Due to the busy schedules of their parents and better taste of fast food, children also become habitual to consume high caloric foods at higher rates. The sensitive minds of children also impacted by the advertisements on fast food and cheaper rates of foods (Frazier 295). So, the cause for kids’ addiction to fast food that they do not understand the adverse outcomes of high caloric foods on their health and the primary reasons for working people and teenager become addicted to junk food is their busy lifestyles as well as the cheaper cost of the fast foods. Moving to the next point, no doubt that fast foods are very delicious and available at reasonable prices but their harmful impacts on health cannot be ignored. Fast food causes various chronic illnesses because of the presence of specific high calories, fats, cholesterols, and preservatives in these foods as compared to natural homemade foods. Obesity is the primary concern in children, teenagers, and females due to the addiction of fast food.

According to the studies in research, the consumption of junk food in people is increased from 18 percent to 32 percent from last twenty years due to which huge proportion of population suffered badly with health issues (Guthrie et al. 142). These high caloric and addictive properties in fast foods lead to health issues such as obesity, “cardio-vascular diseases”, “hypertensive disorders” and also create various physical and “emotional” issues in children (Balaji et al. 63-64)). The addiction to high caloric foods not only leads to the issues of being overweight but also impact children’s behaviors and moods. Meanwhile, children can become aggressive and angry when they feel hungry as they become addicted to fast foods. Most people consume fast foods with high proportions of oil and sugar, and these high caloric food ingredients can cause diabetes and high cholesterol problems (Guthrie et al.

141-144). So, the use of certain additives and preservatives to enhance the taste of fast foods drastically impacts the health. Foods with high amounts of oils and fats are heavier foods which do not digest properly, and the problems of improper digestion cre


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