The Pope Francis begins his exhortation with the paradox in the world: being accumulative of things yet being lonely and desiring for superficial things to get happiness yet being melancholy. The exhortation highlights that one loses the touch with oneself and with reality and keeps on searching for the higher at the cost of others. At the end, one sinks in false comforts and with unreal relationship. Besides the search for the higher, they also lose the touch with God which is nothing but a personal communion with God.

As a result, they could not communicate the joy that comes out of the communion with God. As a consequence, a Christian continues to be living in melancholy rather than living in joy that is the fruit of the Gospel. This paradox of the present generation invites every Christian to realise the need for renewing oneself for the better communication of joy of evangelisation by utilising maximum the fruits of technology: the ‘so-called’ globalisation and consummation.

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