Tintern Abbey is situated on the bank

Tintern AbbeyBy William WordsworthComposition: The poem Tintern Abbey was composed in July 1798 . The poem was first published in the Lyrical Ballads.The setting: The Tintern Abbey is situated on the bank of the river Wye. The Wye is a mountain river and it flows through England. Tintern Abbey is a famous ecclesiastical ruin.Substance: The calm and quiet beauty of the sight of Tinturn Abbey has been described in the poem.

Tintern Abbey is situated on the bank of the river Wye. It is famous ecclesiastical ruin of England. The ruins of old building with an abbey is found here. Wordsworth visited the bank of Wye two times in a gap of five years. Five years elapsed again he hears the murmur of the Wye and watch the steep and lofty cliffs meeting the blue sky. He feels lonely in the sight.

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He is resting under a big fig tree and watching the cottage with green garden and orchard tufts with green unripe fruits. Again he looks the hedge rows run wild and the pastoral farms all dropped in green. He again observes the curls of smoke rising from among the trees. It may be coming from the tent of gipsy or from the cave of a hermit.Though he is visiting Tintern Abbey after a gap of five years, but the beautiful scene of the place is not a blank to him. The pleasant landscape and the beauty of the river always present in his mind as to a blind man’s eye. Whenever the poet is in lonely rooms, and in the din of towns and cities, he remembers the lovely scene of the Tintern Abbey. The recollection of scene in the memory thrilled him very much and his heart is filled with joy and sweet sensations.

It touches his inner soul and brings calm and happiness. The scenes brings for him the spiritual ecstasy in which he found himself free from.

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