The They journey from the mammoth cave

The book I read is called The Plains of Passage. It is written by Jean M. Auel. It is about a young woman named Ayla and her boyfriend named Jondolar and the journey they take to Jondolar's home cave. It is set in a prehistoric time.

They journey from the mammoth cave to thethe people called the Zelandonii. Ayla and Jondolar travel with their animals. Two horses namedWhinney and Racer and Wolf. They have to make the really long journey and cross an iceburg.

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Crossing the iceburg itself took at least three days and it was very dangerous. Jondolar and Aylatied a rope around their waists. Ayla had fallen over the icey cliff. Jondolar had to figure out a wayto pull her back to safety. Then going down the other side of the iceburg, they sent the horses down and then they put all of their belongings and Wolf into the bowl boat that Jondolar had madebefore. Then they slid down the side of the iceburg.

Then they thought they lost the horses but they had just found a herd of wild horses to hang out with. Ayla and Jondolar had to go throughmany trials and tribulations before they got home. Jondolar had been kidnapped by a group ofhunters called wolf women. Jondolar was kept captive for a long time. The last day he was at that camp what supposed to be his execution day.

But while he was tied up, right before thearrow of death flew through Jondolar's heart, Ayla's arrow of life cut through the rope that freedhim. But the trouble was not over yet. The head woman of this camp decided to have a big feast.But she had intended on killing Ayla and Jondolar.

But the head woman ended up dead. All of themen that were held captive were released. Jondolar, Ayla, Whinney, Racer and Wolf were.

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