The place of freight transportation cannot be underestimated or disregarded in the growth of the economy as it’s fast rising to a world market. A large part of the inland freight transport is evident in its use on roads.

It is dynamic and relative to change as it can be subjected to changes due to the un-ending innovations of man over the coming years, as cognizance needs to the recent trends of initiatives and innovations which have led to theimprovement of our technological world. The application of truck platoonin freight transportation has occasioned an introduction of integrated goods freight transportation which has optimized logistics and real-time updates about our vehicular traffic communication, collaborative driving, and autonomous vehicles. In this research work, we gave an insight into the problems in making a reality, a better and adequate movement of goods by the road system to reduce environmental issues and how we can proffer solutions with the aid of technology. We emphatically explained a medium which can increase the effectiveness of this movement scheme by truck platoon transports in order to fulfill the task on a prescribed road network.

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