The technology, with a fully digital video

The Philips Homelab is a permanent fully functional home laboratory built to study how people interact with prototypes of intelligent technology in a real-world environment.

Through HomeLab, Philips researchers can better understand their needs and motivations to use technology, and bring better products to market in the quickest possible timeframe.Homelab is also a laboratory where everything that happens can be observed, recorded and learned from. People moving around the HomeLab are watched by an observation leader and a team of behavioral psychologists. As HomeLab inhabitants use the technology, researchers can see what they find comfortable and easy, or difficult and confusing.

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The researchers use state-of-the-art technology, with a fully digital video observation and recording system. When someone in the HomeLab uses a certain feature, the control-room system records it automatically onto MPEG video. And because it’s digital, every time that feature is used, it can be recalled at the touch of a button.


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