The you can relate, The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother When I picked up Aimee Molloy’s novel, The Perfect Mother, I was hoping for a thriller that would keep me on the edge of my seat, a mystery that would keep me wanting to read to know what would happen next. And fortunately, that is what I got out of this extraordinary novel. The Perfect Mother perfectly consists of a combination of loose plotting, thrilling subject matter, and entertaining relational drama that composes a book that is irresistible to put down. The novel observes a group of new mothers living in Brooklyn whose lives take a turn following their experience with a horrendous calamity.

Molloy’s outstanding psychological thriller will suit readers looking to add another binge-read to their winter reading list. For someone who is not easily entertained or intrigued by the idea of reading, there is nothing better than finding a book that keeps you turning the page. If you can relate, The Perfect Mother will be the perfect fit for you. Aimee Molloy is a New York Times best-selling author for non-fiction.

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The Perfect Mother is her first fiction novel and the book’s rights were quickly purchased for a movie adaptation starring Kerry Washington. Molloy lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters. Aimee Molloy has stated that several components of the storyline and setting of her novel are based on some of her real-life experiences. Molloy uses the lessons she learned through her own experiences as a new mother to add some authenticity to her novel. The novel follows a group called the May Mothers, which consists of several women who gave birth to their first child in the same month.

They meet in Prospect Park twice a week in search of relieving themselves from the isolation of new motherhood. There, they share the fears, joys, and anxieties they experience as a result of their newly child-centered lives. One day, the mothers all agree that they have been extremely occupied in caring for their newborns that they have not been able to do something for themselves. They plan to meet for drinks at a local bar in order to have a bit of fun, a brief break from their jam-packed daily routines. But, on this hot, Fourth of July night, something goes terribly wrong; one of the babies is taken from his crib.

Winnie, a single mother, was hesitant to leave her six-week old son, Midas, with a babysitter, but the other May Mothers assured her that everything would be okay. Now, Midas is missing, the police are interrogating the mothers, and Winnie’s very private life has become exposed to the media. Although none of the other mothers in the group have a close relationship with Winnie, three of them risk their lives to help her find her son.

And as the police continue their investigation and the media scrutinizes the mothers following Midas’s abduction, secrets are uncovered, marriages are put to the test, and friendships are made and broken. Molloy’s novel outstandingly explores the challenge women face when trying to conform to standards set for them by society. Her novel specifically follows the lives of four very different women, whose lives are linked by motherhood and tragedy. Throughout the book, these four women find themselves plunged under the national spotlight; the way they behave and choose to parent their children and their personal lives are picked apart by the media and a public that quickly blame these women for their perceived imperfections as mothers. I believe this novel is not only interesting and indulgent, but it also brings a significant idea into light. Women have been pressured by society, of which is controlled by the patriarchy, to meet unrealistic expectations and standards.

It is apparent that publishing this novel was Molloy’s attempt to shut the patriarchy down and show society that women have the right to raise their children in any way they choose to, and that they have the right to live the way they choose. Overall, Aimee Molloy’s novel The Perfect Mother, is a worthwhile book to read. It incorporated suspense, drama, psychological thriller, and feminism all in one book. It keeps the reader engaged and wanting to know more. In other words, you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time and you will have to force yourself to stop turning the page.


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