about something I wanted for

Essay title: The Perfect Bunny

about something I wanted for many years.Can youguess what it is?I’ll tell you, it is a little whiterabbit with brown spots.When my birthday came, Ithought I was going to get a rabbit from my momand dad.But no; instead I got a stuffed animalrabbit, clothes and toys.My dreams of getting arabbit were gone.After several months I still thought about getting a rabbit.I even came up with the perfect name; I was going to name her Cinnamon.One day my mom and dad took me to the pet store for getting good grades on my reports card.The pet store had so many animals there, like birds, cats, dogs and of course rabbits.After a long time at the pet store, I finally picked out the perfect rabbit.My mom and dad paid for the rabbit, I could not wait to get home.When we got home we had a talk about taking care of my new rabbit.I agreed that I am going to be responsible for my rabbit.Everyday I come home from school; I will go up to my room and feed her.Then I will play with Cinnamon, after I finish my homework.I will try to teach Cinnamon tricks just like dogs do.One morning, Cinnamon looked very sad.Nobody knew why, I tried to hug her and play with her, but that didn’t work.I didn’t want to leave her, but I had to go to school.When I came home Cinnamon was feeling much better.Then out of nowhere, I saw bunnies in the cage.My Cinnamon was a mommy and I didn’t even know it.She had five bunnies.I was very excited and very shocked.The next day, everybody found out that Cinnamon had bunnies.The phone didn’t stop ringing, because they were.

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