The he finds “the Pearl of the World.”

The Pearl In the book it starts out in desolate island. A man by the name of Kino and a woman by the name Juana just awake in the morning. To the sound of crashing waves. Kino and Juana are a couple with a baby by the name of Coyotito, One morning while Coyotito was sleeping in his hanging box an evil scorpion makes its way down the rope towards Coyotito.

Kino see’s this and tries to stop the scorpion but it is too late it stings Coyotito. All neighbors rush over when they hear the overwhelming screams of Coyotito. Rush get the doctor is what is said but know that the doctor would not pay a visit. Kino and Juana rush to the doctor themselves. When the get there the doctor immediately refuses to treat the baby because he knows Indians are poor.

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Kino filled with hatred knowing he cannot find treatment for Coyotito. Kino and Juana return home Kino gets out his canoe he uses it to hunt for pearls to provide for his family. He finds a spot to dive down ties a rock to his leg so he won’t float up and a basket for the oysters. When diving he see’s an oyster shell closing but he catches a glimmer before it does. As he grabs it and returns to the canoe wishing it will be the one so you can heal his son.

He opens the oyster and to his surprise he finds “the Pearl of the World.” The news of Kino’s finding went traveling around town. Many people get greedy and money hungry even the doctor who knows say’s Kino is his patient. There are three pearl buyers in town the all work for the same man and there job is to get the pearls from the Indians as cheap as possible. When looking at the pearl Kino see’s him and Juana getting married, new clothes, a rifle and education for Coyotito. The priest make a surprise visit and tells Kino that God does no care about men’s plans but the churches and the gods don’t like men’s success either.

The Doctor makes a visit and tells Kino that his son is very sick. He gives him a potion and tells Kino how he would pay the bill. Kino glancing in the direction were the pearl is buried the doctor see’s and leaves quickly. That night someone breaks in but Kino fights them off. Juana insists on abandoning the pearl saying it is evil and will only bring more evil.

That morning Kino and Juana prepare to see the pearl..

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