The patient may be one of the

The patient may be one of the accompanying level of physical idleness:
? Level 1: Walk, general pace, on level uncertainly; one flight or more however more shy of breath than typically
? Level 2: Walk one city square or 500 ft on level; climb one flight gradually without halting
? Level 3: Walk close to 50 ft on level without halting; unfit to climb one trip of stairs without ceasing
? Level 4: Dyspnea and weakness very still
Likewise, the patient appraisal demonstrated the accompanying criteria:
? Difficult ROM
? Difficulty in admission of legitimate nourishment
? The understanding had assistive gadgets
? The quiet had individuals to aid engine work
? The patient may had advancing thrombophlebitis(e.g., calf torment, Homan’s sign, redness, confined swelling, an ascent in temperature).
? Problems in disposal
? And the challenges in skin trustworthiness for indications of redness and tissue ischemia (particularly finished ears, shoulders, elbows, sacrum, hips, foot sole areas, lower legs, and toes).

List other major nursing diagnoses based on David’s clinical presentation.
The possible nursing diagnoses based on patient’s presentation are:
1. Risk for Trauma: Falls
2. Acute Pain related to fracture pain
3. Risk for Peripheral Neurovascular Dysfunction
4. Risk for Impaired Gas Exchange related to the body position
5. Impaired Physical Mobility related to the fracture
6. Impaired Skin Integrity related to lack of physical movement
7. Risk for Infection related to prolonged hospital stay
8. Deficient Knowledge related to treatment

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