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The paper is an examination of attitude and success in children and learners. To kick off the discussion the paper begins by defining what is attitude. Attitude is a moderately long-term arrangements of opinions, state of mind plus, interactive inclinations concerning socially important subjects, cohorts, episodes or representations.

(Hogg, & Vaughan 2005). Other definitions of attitudes states that it is a state of the brain, a behavior that is exhibited by scrutinizing a specific subject with a number of gradation of like and dislike (Eagly. & Chaiken, 1993). Many people should actually revise their attitudes towards achievement. Actually the odyssey to nowhere with all its distressing representations of the sensitive price tag of conservative education, does not narrate the entire tale.The one thing that this paper agrees with is that learners are oppressed in the mind as well as psychologically.

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The reason behind this oppression is the burden to achieve in their academics and life. The burden is an inevitable pressure to be in the list of successful individuals. Gaining success is very distinct from the permanent change in behavior. The sad part of it all is that this trend does not seem to relent even when the learner gets to the university. There is however hope, a remedy wich I contemplate, is dual: Revising our likes and dislikes about achieving in life and parents thinking of enduring objectives for their children; and review the institutions regulations that buildup and encourage the difficult.A good number of parents pressurize their children with the greatest of plans, however a few are so industrious riding in the foreshadowed success of their children that they overstate the harm committed by the burden to keep up to their prospects.

Study indeed reveals that only a few number of parents’ care if their children are happy or not indeed most parents are happy that their children are successful. This disregards the emotions of the child and the young individuals are castigated into the shadows of pressure and the burdens of achievements is forever haunting them. The entire child-life fades away as a life and death thorough preparation of the child to join Harvard continues. Parents indeed hold the life of their child in prison as the struggle to overwork and get a chance to join the prestigious H commences. Eventually, nonetheless, teachers and parents have to get the motive to revolve the imbedded academic behaviors that are altering so many teens into hamper bags.

Complimentary contests demonstrate to students that all individuals are hindrances to their personal achievements. Rewards and class meriting should be abolished as soon as possible and should not threaten admission to university. The pressure of success and achievements could as well be a contributor to the rise in exam cheating. In the past few years, cheating in huge numbers has been shown. Research of learner’s behavior and attitudes indicate that indeed a good number of learners go against the set rules of educational honesty to some level.

The intriguing part is that the bright learners are no exemption to the cheating. Additionally, there is information that the menace has continued and could be at its worst over the last few years. Scholars argue that the factors are moderately unpretentious: Exam cheating is easier than ever before and the society is not ready to condemn and stand against the problem. The parents and institutions have not been vocal enough to campaign against the act.

Actually the pressure on learners to get higher grades could as well be a campaign in support of the act.There is no query as to whether learners have become super competitive, under extreme pressure, plus, as an outcome, have the habit to exempt more from themselves and other learners something facilitated by the environment. Previously there had been cases of poor learners who cheat so as to survive but nowadays it’s a case of the high performers cheating so as to thrive.

Cheating has been made easier thanks to the advancements of the new technology. The easy access to the internet could by a double edged sword to the education sector. Though the internet has its own mentioned advantages we cannot underscore its disadvantages. Students are in a position to search for answers directly, consult from friends and copy paste content from the net. Attitude of the learners has been altered by the internet, as the class of prompt downloading, searching and plagiarism takes over. The idea behind group work in learning and study could also have contributed to the menace.

In the past it was believed that attitudes were a permanent condition, but the learning of psychology has debased this thought and proven that indeed attitudes are just temporary states of the brain that can be changed over time. Psychologists are of the view that our body obeys what the minds commands it to do, that is enough proof that indeed we are the authors of what we actually like and dislike in life. Therefore, negative attitudes are just opinions that have taken a seat in the brain. Negative attitudes hinder the performance of learners, example the perception that algebra is difficult slows the mind and prompts a loss of interest in mathematics making the learner not to realize his/her full potential. Negative attitude saps inspiration and obstructs education.To achieve success by overcoming negative attitude this paper presents ways that can see positive attitude take over. The first step is identifying by listing down what you actually dislike and what hinders you from achieving. The second step is proclaiming what the learner endeavor to change and identifying the elements that hinder the change.

The last step is to overcome the negative attitudes by trying something new. Life is an exodus full of disasters and challenges. That may be the answer why humans devised such a complex way of thinking to handle and tackle the challenges so as to gain success and survive.

In conclusion, overcoming a negative attitude and gaining a positive attitude is very possible. To achieve success and gain the correct attitude the learner must be willing to accept and learn the reality and what actually is expected. The parent also must create an environment that appreciates the strengths of the child. An environment that does not burden the learner but supports what the learner can do best. This is because success is not universal but is rather a personal affair that can be measured on individual’s talents and capabilities.


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