The hair defines him as a Greaser

The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton, was written in the 1960’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma about 14-year-old Ponyboy and his lower class gang, the Greasers, and their struggle against the higher class gang called the Socs.The novel depicts struggles that kids and young teens can grasp and relate too, which is why it has become so popular for students to read in schools.The Outsiders depicts normal, everyday people, and how they overcome the struggles and hardships life throws at them, and eventually become stronger people.Ponyboy Michael Curtis is one of these normal people who is forced to deal with many trials to become a strong person.As the protagonist and narrator of the novel, the reader sees the events of the novel through his eyes.Ponyboy lives with his two older brothers Sodapop Patrick Curtis and Darrel (Darry) Shayne Curtis, because their parents were killed in a car accident.The three of them, along with Johnny, Dally, and a few others, make up the lower-class gang called the Greasers.He, like the rest of the Greasers, has long hair that is “squared off in back and long at the front and sides” (1).His hair defines him as a Greaser and he’s proud of it since none of them can afford cars or rings to identify themselves with.The Greaser’s are like his family and he cares for them as family, so when two of them die it tares him upPonyboy’s closest friend is Johnny Cade.Even though he is 16-years-old, he is physically small for his age.Often referred to as the “gang’s pet” (12), he comes from a physically and verbally abusive home.Since his parents never care if he comes home or not, most nights he sleeps at Ponyboy’s house after they go to the movies.Johnny idolizes Dally, one of the most hard core Greasers,.

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