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Essay title: The Outsiders

My favourite character is Johnny Cade but he gets called Johnny cake. Everyone in the gang likes him, he is the gangs pet, everyone's kid brother. I like Johnny the best because he is one of the main characters and is interesting because he always has problems. Johnny gets beat up at home from his parents and sometimes sleeps on the wasteground as he hates living there. He once got beaten up by a bunch of Socs and was lying on the wasteground when Pony, Dally, Darry, Two-bit and Soda found him, he was beaten up really badly and had ring marks all over him. Now he never leaves home without making sure he has his switch bade with him. There is also something I didn't like Johnny.

I didn't like it when he was dying in hospital when Pony and Dally went to see him and before he died he said 'Stay gold Pony-boy. Stay gold…' I didn't know what it meant at the time but it's the same with everything.

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If you read a book once, then you read it again, you realise all the clues and all the clues you've missed the first time you read it. There is one person I didn't like so much, and that was Steve Randle. I didn't like him because he wasn't really an important character he was just there, he was Soda's best friend and that was it. For example Two-bit was the funny one, Dally was the rebel, Darry was the smart one with all the muscles, Johnny was the gangs pet Soda-pop was the stud and Pony-boy was the one that didn't fit in.

Throughout the novel there are a lot of different parts but one of my favourite parts is when Johnny and Pony fell asleep on the wasteground. Pony-boy goes home and gets into trouble after falling asleep and his big brothers Soda and Darry were worrying about him. Pony ends up arguing with Darry and Darry hits him. After Pony-boy.

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