The Avro Canuck was the closes result they

The “Avro Arrow,” the greatest aircraft in Canadian history, representing a remarkable sign of achievements in engine design, computer-assisted flight technology, flight-control,  aerodynamics, and speed.  The Avro Arrow also known as the “CF- 105 Arrow,” was an advance supersonic, twin engined, jet interceptor designed by James C. Floyd. The Arrow was designed to replace the “CF-100 Canuck” as an aircraft that is capable of hitting supersonic speeds, but unfortunately it was to costly, causing the program to shut down. The Royal Canadian Air Force was in the market for a highly advanced jet fighter. The “CF-100” also known as the Avro Canuck was the closes result they were looking for. The CF-100 was a two man seater, day and night fighter, eventually to be powered by the companies own Orenda engines, and become the first jet fighter to be designed and built in Canada. Since Avro Canada first aircraft the “jetliner” failed to make them money, they relied entirely on military contracts, putting the company and its employees on high stakes. It’s first flight was in January of 1950, and served in the NORAD (The North American Defence Agreement) and the NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The fighter was not fast, but had an amazing climb rate, an excellent radar, as well as it had a twin engine put in it. But the Royal Canadian Air Force Wasn’t satisfied with how the CF-100 was; they wanted something that was “supersonic, all weather interceptor.” They demanded for an aircraft that could fly higher and faster, to keep pace with the new Russian Bombers. As well as occupying the most advanced weapon systems. The RCAF would than use this “jet Interceptor” to fly over the North Pole and eliminate the invading Soviet bombers before they could reach any heavily populated areas. Shortly sometime after, the design for the “Arrow” was born.


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