The the fear of technology. Digital divide may

The digital divide is the divide between the people who can use technology
and the people who can’t, either because they can’t afford to buy a computer or
because they don’t know how to use it.

In the twenty one century the interaction between the humans with
technology. The technology became very important and necessary for us, because
it makes life easier. We can do online shopping and business, and also can
communicate with people all around the world and so much more. Many people in
the world don’t have access to technology. Instances of factors which cause
this separation are things such as geographical causes, economical causes, and
even the fear of technology. Digital divide may be also caused by the location,
for example if someone is living in a village or in a mountain territory it is
different from another person living in a city. “The main population that
lies on this side of the gulf are the deprived. The present global population
is 6,930,055,154 people. The worldwide population that is digitally involved is
only 2,095,006,005 or 30% of whole global populace. This means that nearly 70%
of approximately 5 billion people do not have admission to the internet or used
a computer”.

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In this current world, it is hard to imagine living without technology.
Certain people say that technology has transformed the world by making one’s
life easier and fun. there are new technologies invented that benefits in
making life easier for most people, from communication, transportation, and
even to entertaining. E-mails, cell
phones, in addition to internet are only little examples of technology
developments in communication. Back then, people were only able to send letters
through mails, in order for them to send messages to their respected ones far
away from home. In this current period, we can now connect easily with our
relatives and friends using cell phones and internet facilities by sending those
messages through e-mail or SMS, which they are able to read and response immediately
by these new inventions.

The digital divide looks to be unbalanced from a
gap in access to a knowledge divide’. In the Rich World there is the gap
between those who have the talents and understanding to interact with the
technology and persons who are efficiently passive clients of it. We still live in a
world that will never quite find a peaceful harmony when it comes to technology. This
problem impacts our lives personally and professionally as the world and our
workplace lags behind. The digital divide creates a chasm of culture between
the techies and the non-techies, leaving us to feel like foreigners, minorities
who have tasted the fruit of effectiveness and efficiency.

“Three-fifths (57%) of world’s people don’t have enough
money for the Internet because costs of end-user devices, facilities,
access and other prices remain too high”. Our county Oman has many
people who don’t know how to use the technology. There are many solutions to
this issue, such as making low-cost computers and lowering the prices of the
internet. We can also educate the old people and introduce them to technology.
In addition, make apps and services in Arabic language, because most of the old
Omani people don’t know how to read English.  
The government of Oman can also provide free Wi-Fi which will help the
people can’t afford an internet connection. On the other side, the government
can also open technology teaching school in the depressed areas of Oman to help
revitalise people. Rich people can donate to the poor families so each family
can have at least one laptop. Network companies can also help reduce the
digital divide by making better networks and facilities in villages because in
Oman the villages have bad network services.

Schools can also have a part in solving the digital divide
problem in Oman, they can use technology in teaching and they can use smart
boards and tablets which will help students get familiar with technology
(computers and mobile phones) when they grow up. In the future everything will
depend on the internet and we need to solve this issue as soon as possible. The
villages in Oman have many people that don’t know how to use technology so we
need to start in the villages and teach people on how to use and benefit from
technology. The government can help by offering more jobs related to technology
ex (IT engineering and IT security) so that people will get motivated and study
more about technology.  










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