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     Having seen the clip of Saki’s ”Open Window” and also having read the text i can establish the differences and the similarities between the two.  The first difference we can identify is that in the story Frampton’s sister coments about how he will react in this new enviroment endicating that his illnes will get worse but in the short movie there is no mention of thoose comments. An other evident difference between the two is the titles. Originally in text the title is the open window however the short movie it is called ” The Open Doors”. In adition to the previous difference in the story the windows where open but in the short movie they where specificly french doors.

In the text the Mrs. Sappleton mentions the lack of birds and ducks in reference to the shooting, unlike in the short movie where that is not mentioned. An other difference is that is the story there is no reference to a maid whlist in the short movie she is asked to bring in the tea. In the story Mrs. Sappleton’s older brother has gone shooting and he enters singing ‘Bertie, why do you bound?’ as he always did to tease her, because she said it got on her nerves. Unlike in the film the aunt’s son walks in saing ‘tea better be ready mother’. Some over minor differences are that in the story the dogs breed is a spaniel but in the film a labrador, also in the film there is mention of the war but in the story there isnt and that in the story Frampton does not mention that his illness runs threw his family.

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In concusion the biggest difference in my opinion is that in the film we can se the reaction of each character where as in the text doesnt describe their reactions in such detail.

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