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The author’s main ideas derive from leadership in government and political spectrums. The “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women” is a broad alliance that acts on the importance of women’s human rights.

It suggests the importance of equality in all aspects of the world, may it be economic, social or political and suggests the importance of participation of women. The idea of cultural barriers hinder the advancement of women. Theories of socialization have accentuated the importance of sex roles in these countries while affirming the attitudes toward women as political leaders. Therefore, this determinant of women’s entry into these positions have little evidence. Margaret Inglehart (1979) argued that women’s political activism was lower in Universal countries rather than the opposing Protestant countries of Western Europe. This is due to the authoritarian nature of the Universal countries.

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The greatest contrasts of proportions of women in leadership positions were between Christian countries and other religions including Islamic, Judaic, Hindu, etc. I plan to incorporate this idea by contrasting it with the argument of Inglehart. I will touch on the cultural barriers and the elimination of discrimination act which motivates Inglehart’s argument.

Corley, D., Warner, J. (2017, May 21). The Women’s Leadership Gap. Centre For American Progress. Retrieved from https://www.americanprogress.

org/issues/women/reports/2017/05/21/432758/womens-leadership-gap/ There are significant statistics that relate themselves with the strict idea of men holding the majority of leadership roles in today’s societies. The portrayal of women of colour is a topic that this author introduces and focuses on. Women of colour assume 38% of the United States female population as well as 20% of the entire United States country. Ths author enables the reader to think about the current statistics and follows it up by contrasting those statistics with the data that consciously correlates.

The statistics of coloured women in the United States, the author follows it up with, “and yet, women of colour were only 3.9% of executive officials and managers while 0.4% of CEOs in companies”.The creation of the stalled revolution is rooted in the 20th century where progress in women’s advancement has advanced. There are significant ethnic and national differences under most success.

This being the case, women will continue to fall short of their male correspondents.In my paper I plan to discuss the data which the author collected, the significant cultural and racial factors in obtaining authority positions as well as the stalled revolution of women falling short of their male correspondents. It is important to recognize why this may be happening and where to go from here.


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